The Tea On Poets

Don't ever fall in love with a poet

We all fucked up in the head and still some how manage to make all our baggage sound beautiful

Don't know how to talk about our emotions

But could lead a whole fucking workshop on how to put that shit in a poem

We always sound like we working through something

But really we live in our trauma

Thats where the poetry is

Only ever find peace in the stage

When for two to three minutes at a time

I can transfer my pain off a page into a crowd

This shit is ritual

Believe me

A stanza a day will keep the demons at bay but still comfortable enough to inspire you

We’ll argue

In metaphors similes and analogies

I swear to god this shit happened to me

I told my girl I can't always find the words to tell you

It feels like the room is spinning and

There's a frying pan in my chest

Like my breathe is mount everest

And I’m still tryna climb it

She looked at me like I was crazy

But also she kind of felt me

Don't ever fall in love with a poet well need snap validation

Everytime we open up to you

Or open up a new wound

And doesn't it seem like that's all we ever know how to do

In comes me

And there goes you

I mean in comes you

And there goes me

I always had a clear understanding that people come and go

And then i realized

That I’m the one that always leaves

— Hood Profet