Porch Profet

Point me to the plantains

Run me back to the plantation

I wanna talk about black joy without it being sacrifice

Without it being a radical act

How existing in the face of your oppressor shouldn't always be a revolution

I wanna sit on my porch

In a chair

With grey hair in my fro

And a newport in my mouth

And tell my grandchildren to stop looking for god in any other place but themselves

I’m gonna tell them to stop looking into mirrors for validation

They’ll lie to you

These eurocentric beauty standards don’t apply to you

Your truest reflection is in your breath

in your solitude

in your palms

Baby look at your palms

What do they take

What and who do they hold

What do they offer

I’m gonna tell them that

That this black

That this black

That this black

Is only burden when you allow it to be

I wanna two step in the name of love and not expect anyone to dance with me

I wanna surrender myself yall

I wanna surrender myself to the divine plan I know

I know is already in the works and stop questioning my worth

I wanna fall

I wanna fall

Man I wanna fall

Back into this body without crashing

But isn’t such an awkward place to house a spirit

How we never talk about our demons

I wanna order dos pupusas revueltas

And not have the man at the corner look at me

Like I got cara te what the fuck

I wanna walk into a room on eggshells

And sashay outta that muthafucka

I wanna keep making fake emails and new profiles

For that free 30 day trial

For netflix hulu lyft uber and postmates

Cause my people done been robbed and pillaged for every generation that i can speak on

So yeah Cindy

Cindy is the girl that called me to tell me all my accounts was fraud

Yea cindy these right here is reparations

I wanna talk about black joy and reparations

And not have white folk look at me

Like I disenfranchised starbuck

Or abandoned a dog

Imma keep it one hundred with yall

Sometimes I wanna be

I need to be lied to

And don’t we all

Convince ourselves thats theres more out here than these cold as streets and crooked ass police

But I’m gonna thank the universe

For granting me someone that has always believed in me

Even if it’s only myself

I wanna count all my blessings

And run out of fingers to do so with

I wanna sit on my porch in a chair

With grey hair in my fro

And a newport in my mouth

And I’m gonna teach my grandchildren

To stand on the shoulders of the work of their elders and ancestors

I’m gonna teach them

Not to fight like they a boy or girl

Or like they black or brown

I’m going to teach them to fight like they are going to win

Cause that’s all we can do

And thank god for that